Trans-substantial Catholics

Watch this. What are the priests doing? Catholic Litmus Test If you are Catholic, then I hope for the sake of your soul you said he is welcoming Christ bodily into the world. If you didn’t you aren’t looking too […]

Poor Hanno

According to the pop-psychologist-pseudo-science writer Malcolm Gladwell in his magnum lite-opus, the Tipping Point we as a species need risk takers. Individuals who are willing to put it all on the line in pursuit of a goal will, if they […]

Intelligence and Happiness?

A while ago, the Inquisition pondered the nature of intelligence, and whether a certain outlook or attendant mental abilities are guides to or from happiness. This has been obliquely in the news of late…

Buried by the Sea

Its odd. Most graveyards in Connemara appear to be near water, if not actually right on the coast. Why? West Galway, or Connemara, has a lot of unused space. Admittedly, much of the land Connemara is industrially and agriculturally useless, […]

Cycling Two Abreast

Cycling two abreast in Ireland is legal, a protected practice, and it is safer.

Indoors / Outdoors (Defuse)

A talk given by The Inquisition at Defuse, on Wednesday 7th November 2012, as part of Designweek in Dublin, Ireland

Nürnburg’s Extra Bombs

Nürnburg got ripped to shreds by Bomber Harris’ boys. By how much appears to be open to debate.

Law & Morality

The preface to HLA Hart’s publication of his 1961 lecture series on the meeting of law and morality is as prevalent today as it ever was.

Foy – The Bodiless Head

A bodiless head is revered as being Saint Foy, who died a cruel death.

Coffee Haters

There are people out there who pretend to like coffee. Coffee Haters – you have been warned.

False Flags 2

False flag, covert ops by Americans against Americans? Sounds crazy, and so it was deemed.

Plastic 55 Years Ago

55 years ago Roland Barthes considered the importance of plastic and what it meant, as a substance and a symbol.

Cesare Borgia’s Party

The Pope, his son and fifty prostitutes – Cesare Borgia’s party.

Marriage – A Potted History

Marriage is thought by many to be a fixed rite, one which is immovable and inflexible. The truth is that it has not always seemed so…

Blinking Morse

The world was shocked when a victim of torture started blinking morse. The story of a US aviator captured in Vietnam.


Synecdoche is a powerful, expressive linguistic device

The Inquisition by Ronan McDonnell - Contents Page
The Inquisition by Ronan McDonnell - Semper Quarens - Always Looking


Globally, money is tight.

That might come as a huge surprise. Luckily, you can rely on The Inquisition to belatedly cover stories about global fiscal madness, which are normally avoided by the media, in favour of up-to-the-minute accounts of Lady Ga-Ga‘s movements. Just take a deep breath and we’ll move on.

Credit and lending have been curbed and jobs are being lost continually. A successful country needs its citizens to be at work, paying taxes, and helping it grow. This process is currently a little wonky. Overall its grim out there.

The possibility of unemployment is a definite reality for countless millions. For those about to get kicked you have plenty of company – there are shitloads of unemployed already. The grim figures are shown here at left with a more cathartic form of graphing summarily executed below. The idea is simple – the countries’ leaders have had a percentage of their heads perfunctorily removed that compares with unemployment statistics in their respective territories.

Please Note:
Given The Inquisition’s near-complete lack of financial acumen, the choice of countries represented below is subjective and flippant, and fails to illuminate any greater truths. Basically it is a varied sample spread through both extremes of employment statistics with a few stepping stones along the way. These intervals are topical for various other reasons, and are omnipresent in the news media.
It should also be mentioned that there are vast swathes of geography are unrepresented by this. For example, there is an apparent Sub-Saharan African averaging between 30 – 45%, while many equatorial islands have equally depressing rates. Overall, the vast majority of countries have figures of between 8 and 20%.
Andorra is represented here by the face of Nicolas Sarkozy. It is a country in its own right, but is nonetheless a French protectorate and Sarkozy is thereby its figurehead by proxy.
Information drawn from CIA World Book

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