Trans-substantial Catholics

Watch this. What are the priests doing? Catholic Litmus Test If you are Catholic, then I hope for the sake of your soul you said he is welcoming Christ bodily into the world. If you didn’t you aren’t looking too […]

Poor Hanno

According to the pop-psychologist-pseudo-science writer Malcolm Gladwell in his magnum lite-opus, the Tipping Point we as a species need risk takers. Individuals who are willing to put it all on the line in pursuit of a goal will, if they […]

Intelligence and Happiness?

A while ago, the Inquisition pondered the nature of intelligence, and whether a certain outlook or attendant mental abilities are guides to or from happiness. This has been obliquely in the news of late…

Buried by the Sea

Its odd. Most graveyards in Connemara appear to be near water, if not actually right on the coast. Why? West Galway, or Connemara, has a lot of unused space. Admittedly, much of the land Connemara is industrially and agriculturally useless, […]

Cycling Two Abreast

Cycling two abreast in Ireland is legal, a protected practice, and it is safer.

Indoors / Outdoors (Defuse)

A talk given by The Inquisition at Defuse, on Wednesday 7th November 2012, as part of Designweek in Dublin, Ireland

Nürnburg’s Extra Bombs

Nürnburg got ripped to shreds by Bomber Harris’ boys. By how much appears to be open to debate.

Law & Morality

The preface to HLA Hart’s publication of his 1961 lecture series on the meeting of law and morality is as prevalent today as it ever was.

Foy – The Bodiless Head

A bodiless head is revered as being Saint Foy, who died a cruel death.

Coffee Haters

There are people out there who pretend to like coffee. Coffee Haters – you have been warned.

False Flags 2

False flag, covert ops by Americans against Americans? Sounds crazy, and so it was deemed.

Plastic 55 Years Ago

55 years ago Roland Barthes considered the importance of plastic and what it meant, as a substance and a symbol.

Cesare Borgia’s Party

The Pope, his son and fifty prostitutes – Cesare Borgia’s party.

Marriage – A Potted History

Marriage is thought by many to be a fixed rite, one which is immovable and inflexible. The truth is that it has not always seemed so…

Blinking Morse

The world was shocked when a victim of torture started blinking morse. The story of a US aviator captured in Vietnam.


Synecdoche is a powerful, expressive linguistic device

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Photo by Flickr user edwardkimuk and used under a creative commons license. There was intended to be a photo specific to this recipe but the cookies didn't look edible in it, let alone tasty.

These cookies are quick and easy with a nice, old world taste. What more do you want? Healthy? Got that too, kind of. Apart from the butter they have plenty of healthy stuff – molasses, nuts, oats and figs.

Start by cutting the butter into small blocks and heating it to soften it. In a large bowl thoroughly mix the oats, flour, ground almonds, hazelnuts and some salt. The salt depends on taste and also how salty your butter is, about a 1/4 teaspoon should do it.

Cut the figs up into little bits about the size of small raisins. Mix them in singly, so they do not stick together as a big clump of fig. If you prefer you could replace the figs with dates, for a slightly sweeter cookie with weaker flavour.

Add the molasses. As with the salt this depends on taste, but about a tablespoon should be perfect. Its messy stuff that loves to coagulate, but don’t worry about that for now. Pour in your maple syrup. Ideally, this should be real maple syrup and not the overly sugary maple-flavoured syrup. This is important if you possess taste buds or feel disinclined to facilitate the onset of diabetes.

Prepare a baking tray. If it is not teflon coated, rub a thin film of butter over it. Its important to do this now because running around your kitchen with hands encrusted with oats and molasses is not a good look.

It’s time to get stuck in. Drop in the softened pieces of butter. Using your hands push and pull the mixture to mix it. Press your fingers in through it, spreading the molasses and lumps of butter. Keep an eye out that there is an even blend of ingredients with no lumps of the tastiest bits.

Now you should have enough for about 12 cookies. A good size for each is about 1.5cm deep and with a diameter of about 10cm. Keep the sizes consistent. If they are varied, the smaller ones can easily overcook and dry out. They’ll still be nice but tough to eat, good for dunking though.

Stick them in the middle of your preheated oven for about 30-40 mins. You’ll want to take them out when the top is brown but not blackening. Try and let them cool on a rack, if you can.

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