Trans-substantial Catholics

Watch this. What are the priests doing? Catholic Litmus Test If you are Catholic, then I hope for the sake of your soul you said he is welcoming Christ bodily into the world. If you didn’t you aren’t looking too […]

Poor Hanno

According to the pop-psychologist-pseudo-science writer Malcolm Gladwell in his magnum lite-opus, the Tipping Point we as a species need risk takers. Individuals who are willing to put it all on the line in pursuit of a goal will, if they […]

Intelligence and Happiness?

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Buried by the Sea

Its odd. Most graveyards in Connemara appear to be near water, if not actually right on the coast. Why? West Galway, or Connemara, has a lot of unused space. Admittedly, much of the land Connemara is industrially and agriculturally useless, […]

Cycling Two Abreast

Cycling two abreast in Ireland is legal, a protected practice, and it is safer.

Indoors / Outdoors (Defuse)

A talk given by The Inquisition at Defuse, on Wednesday 7th November 2012, as part of Designweek in Dublin, Ireland

Nürnburg’s Extra Bombs

Nürnburg got ripped to shreds by Bomber Harris’ boys. By how much appears to be open to debate.

Law & Morality

The preface to HLA Hart’s publication of his 1961 lecture series on the meeting of law and morality is as prevalent today as it ever was.

Foy – The Bodiless Head

A bodiless head is revered as being Saint Foy, who died a cruel death.

Coffee Haters

There are people out there who pretend to like coffee. Coffee Haters – you have been warned.

False Flags 2

False flag, covert ops by Americans against Americans? Sounds crazy, and so it was deemed.

Plastic 55 Years Ago

55 years ago Roland Barthes considered the importance of plastic and what it meant, as a substance and a symbol.

Cesare Borgia’s Party

The Pope, his son and fifty prostitutes – Cesare Borgia’s party.

Marriage – A Potted History

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Blinking Morse

The world was shocked when a victim of torture started blinking morse. The story of a US aviator captured in Vietnam.


Synecdoche is a powerful, expressive linguistic device

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The Inquisition by Ronan McDonnell - Semper Quarens - Always Looking

Tubeless Update

Nice wheel. Well, it was once anyway.

Road Tubeless is great.
It’s that simple. The tubeless setup I previously detailed ran straight and true for several weeks. It was fast, grippy and light.

Then the crash happened.


I was on a very fast steep descent on a wet day with a gale howling and entering a corner. What could possibly go wrong?

Going along at 55kph I went through the first corner of the descent from Sallygap towards Rathfarnham. The wind which had been behind me was now coming from the side, and a stronger gust surprised me. Totally side-on now it pushed me, fully sideways across the road. With no other traffic around I was able to attempt all the proper corrections in safe haste – counter steering, steering into corner, braking without locking up. I threw the literal rulebook at the bike.

Nothing worked and I hit the lip of the ditch sideways on. The rear wheel dug in while the momentum carried the bike on and flipped me bodily over the ditch.

Dried up sealant filling gaps around spoke hole.

The Result

All of the equipment was fine bar one scratch on the chainstay and a catastrophically failed rear wheel. As can be seen from the photos the wheel is completely warped beyond repair.

The rim seam burst and the air-tight seals around the spoke holes burst open. But there it stopped. Sitting there in a ditch I watched the Stan’s No-Tubes sealant bubble forth through the split in the rim and the spoke holes. At first I wondered what the hell it was, then remembering, I watched as it stopped bubbling 20 seconds later. That was it. Sealed.

Burst seam on the rim, now sealed.

The accident was four weeks before these photos were taken. The tires have remained sufficiently pumped up to be used (although the wheels’ buckled state might have a say in that).

Please Note

Throughout this post the pneumatic buffers which run between a bicycle’s wheels and the road surface have been referred to as “tires”. If you prefer “tyres” then good for you, you are staying true to the roots of the English language. But language moves on, so get with the programme, and stuff.

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